How It Works

Natured simplifies your weekly groceries, allowing you to conveniently shop for foods from the best local food makers and artisans in one spot while having it all delivered.

You Shop

Shop the Natured Market for foods from local food makers & artisans in all product categories.

From freshly harvested kale to pizzas from local chefs, we have it all. Create your weekly grocery list by subscribing to staples or discover something new by trying out a bundle. Continue adding to your basket until midnight before your delivery.

They Harvest

Our community of dedicated food makers will harvest and prepare the foods you want.

We work closely with partners so that your bread is freshly baked, your produce is recently picked, and your coffee is newly roasted.

We Deliver

Then, we'll put together your basket and bring it to your doorstep.

We deliver to your doorstep every Tuesday during a specified timeslot. Your food is handled with care and packaged in our insulated totes.