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Stoneham, MA
About Plant-Based Provisions

Plants make people feel good!

Our founder Talia has always found happiness in the kitchen. Some of her favorite memories are of creating new dishes with family or for friends. When she was a sophomore in college, Talia was diagnosed with chronic inflammation in her joints and after a few visits to the doctor, realized that there was no easy cure for symptoms that didn't involve daily large doses of anti-inflammatory pills. From there, Talia started researching ways of healing your body from the inside and began to educate herself on the importance of eating clean and minimally processed plant-based foods. Building upon her passion for cooking, she began to tweak some of her favorite recipes for meals and snacks to create dishes she could feel good about eating. Over time, Talia created a recipe for a healthier version of a favorite childhood treat, custard pudding, and thus Plant-Based Provisions was born. Her recipe is free of all 8 major allergens and is fully vegan and organic. It's great as a dairy-free breakfast alternative to yogurt or eggs, an afternoon pick me up or a sweet ending to any meal. We look forward to sharing our plant-based way of life with you!

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