Langwater Farm

Easton, MA
About Langwater Farm

We are proud to be a family-run business.  We are an energized crew with diverse and converging backgrounds in small-scale sustainable agriculture. Together, with a dedicated and hard-working farm crew, we are able to keep our community supplied with fresh organic produce year-round.

Kevin O’Dwyer  Before starting Langwater Farm in 2010, Kevin was the head grower at Wards Berry Farm, a 150 acre diversified fruit and vegetable farm in Sharon, MA. He started working summers there as field crew at age 14, and continued working there through high school and college before being hired on full time. He is most passionate about growing tomatoes and has enjoyed developing his carpentry skills and planning and creating the infrastructure here on our growing farm.

Kate O’Dwyer met Kevin at UMass, Amherst where they both attended college. They live in Easton and have three daughters, Madison, Rachel, & Charlotte. Kate left her career in social work in 2012 to join Kevin on the farm full time.

Madison, Rachel & Charlotte O’Dwyer Kate and Kevin’s daughters are the youngest members of the Langwater crew and they love helping out in the field!

Langwater Farm is 80 acres total with half of the land wooded and the other half tilled for crops. Part of the property was originally designed by landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted, the creator of Central Park. The beautiful farmland includes fields gently curving against woods, surrounded by stone walls, dirt roads snaking through the woods and fields, all bordered by Langwater Pond to the west.

In the early 1900′s, Langwater Farm was famous for its Guernsey cows and Clydesdale horses. After that, the farm had been mowed for hay until the Ames family decided to seek out a farmer to begin a community farm for the town of Easton. Working with a non-profit organization, the Ames Realty Trust collected proposals from farmers and ultimately chose the O’Dwyers to farm the beautiful land at Langwater Farm. 2010 was the first growing season as a Certified Organic mixed vegetable, fruit, flower, and herb farm.

Beginning in 2014, we were offered the opportunity to expand our production of delicious, Certified Organic vegetables onto another historic piece of farmland in Easton. This additional parcel of 26 acres at the Wheaton Farm on Bay Road is owned by the Town of Easton. With this new piece of farmland, we’ve expanded our production of local, organic veggies by close to 50%.

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