Generation Farm

Concord, NH
About Generation Farm

Generation Farm is a small Certified Organic vegetable farm located on a forest hilltop in Concord NH. Our farm was started in 2012 by young people looking to provide their community with fresh food farmed responsibly.

Sustainability and responsible stewardship of the land is our goal.

We produce nearly all of our electricity through solar power and heat our barn with a wood pellet burner. Over 60 acres of surrounding forest & wetland are currently being put into conservation.

As an organic farm we never use any type of herbicides or pesticides – even those that are allowed by organic standards do not make the cut here. We fertilize & mineralize our soils with only naturally derived products and plenty of rich organic compost.

Everything is lovingly grown, harvested and packed by husband and wife team, James & Marley Stever, who run the farm.

We are grateful to be a part of the next generation in establishing more small sustainable farms for the health and longevity of our society and the environment.

Read more about us and our farm here. 

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