Our Mission

Build and strengthen the local food system by connecting food makers with the people who value great food.

So, you love good food? We do too. We're Jon and Lexi, the founders of Natured. We fell in love with the amazing products you can only find at farmstands and small kitchens scattered across the region. On the weekends, you would often find us traveling to local bakeries or small farms to round out our groceries with the best. Now, we're allowing you to do the same, supporting the local food ecosystem, and all of its food makers, in the process.

Our Values

Local food is better food

We make it easy to get locally made food to your doorstep because we value flavor, nutrition, and sustainability in the food we eat and we enjoy supporting our neighbors and communities.

Real ingredients with purpose

We place an emphasis on wholesome ingredients that bring nourishment to your body. We eat this way at home and bring this same thinking to every product that stocks our (virtual) shelves.

Food makers on a first-name basis

Behind the food we eat, there is a farmer, baker, chef, or other food maker - that doesn't just churn out food, but it with purpose. We think you should know not just the name on the label, but the person behind it.